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 We are working on implementing a new program for our taught wild horses to be utilized at Equine Assisted Therapy facilities across the United States to aid in cardiac rehabilitation, the many forms of cardiac depression,  and for children with congenital heart disease.

Our Supporters -

Syed Zaidi, MD - Interventional cardiologist at Health Care Partners Cardiology, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jim Chapman, MD FACC FSCAI - Interventional Cardiologist, Oklahoma Heart Institute

Adam Grasso, MD - Cardiologist at Cleveland Clinic

L Ben Mime, MD - Senior Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Germany.

Ehsan Ansari, MD - Interventional Cardiologist,
Interventional cardiology at Heart Center of CT.

Ayman Ahmed, MD - Cardiologist,
Cardiology spR at Ministry of health KSA
Saudi Arabia.

Fabian Giraldo, MD Cardiac Surgeon.
Cardiovascular surgeon at the Heart Institute, Columbia


Lone Star Heart and Vascular Center

Our mission statement:
To preserve wild horses and burros in their natural habitat. To assist those that have been gathered off the range. To educate the public on the horses' preservation and their contribution to humanity.

The Wild Spirit Horse, Inc. is organized exclusively for the charitable purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Wild Spirit Horse Inc



Our image is courtesy of photographer, Lisa Dearing.

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